With the slogan "STAY CENTRAL, STAY CONVENIENT", the location of our facilities always have been at the most central and most convenient to help visitors easily explore Da Nang. Staying at CENTRAL, surrounded by restaurants, shopping, famous tourist attractions... You could walkable and explore Da Nang life as experienced by the citizen.


Located at 47 Hoang Dieu, it is a 250m2 building with 20 Studio Apartment with kitchens and full modern interior equipment, operated in May 2019. Here we have long-term apartment rental services, located near the airport, companies, schools, hospitals, markets, supermarkets... making it very convenient for residents to travel. We always ensure fire safety in the area.


With 10 floors, 40 rooms, outdoor swimming pool and 1 spa floor, CENTRAL HOTEL & SPA was operated in July 2017, located at 21-23 Hoang Dieu, Hai Chau district. The hotel's location is in the city center, in an area planned by the city goverment as a "living museum area" to preserve the cultural characteristics of Da Nang people from past to present, helping visitors experience interesting daily life of Danang citizen here. Through many years of operation, the hotel has won awards from real reviews of guests for their good experiences.


In July 2023, the third member of the CENTRAL HOTEL chain is located at 60 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District. Beautiful small hotel next to the romantic Han River, where you have the full view of APEC Park, Dragon Bridge, and Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Not only that, this place is oriented to be the new tourist center of the city, events are regularly holding at Apec park, Han River night market next to the wooden bridge on Bach Dang street, Tran Van Tru bar and restaurant area. and luxury restaurants along 2/9 Street, all within a 2-3 minute walk from CENTRAL BOUTIQUE. Besides the convenience of location, facilities that are always renewed, clean and fully equipped, we always put customer satisfaction first. Welcome to Da Nang, and let’s choose CENTRAL for your stay. Let CENTRAL TEAM help YOU have the best experiences!